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Architect King

Architecture, to give space form is a passion and a fascination for me. In this dynamic profession there are always new materials, and typological and creative combinations to think of. When I was young I travelled a lot, and my passion for architecture and building grew. Due to my unique experience I am both architect and project leader and apply that expertise to each project.

I don’t believe that people always have to buy a relatively expensive house when they can easily renovate. It doesn’t have to cost that much to realize an energy-efficient house whilst renovating. Transforming old houses, empty office buildings and old schools always presents unique and creative solutions. In fact the renovation of existing buildings is far more sustainable than building new and doesn’t need to cost more. Renovation can be the ideal solution if you would prefer to live in the same house and neighbourhood.

“My neighbour was a builder and during my school holidays worked as odd job and then carpenter “ This has the advantage that KING has much more insight in the building trade.

I have at my disposal a large network of advisers, engineers and contractors. I can appoint the right people for each project. This is often necessary for larger projects because they are often unique. Therefore my overhead costs are low in comparison with other architectural offices. I have worked with pleasure at various offices in North Holland producing successful multifunctional buildings. I have completed projects from A-Z in the cultural-renovation sector, school- utility and office buildings, as well as housing projects and urban planning.